Classmate Conversation

To the left is Jackie, Jazmin is in the middle, and I’m to the far right. These are two women I met on the first day of class. Jackie is a second year and she is majoring in chemistry. She thought about getting a degree in criminal justice/forensics as well but ultimately decided on chemistry. She was able to give me a few tips on my classes. For example, she told me the name of a professor I should stay away from for my upper division classes. Her favorite artist is the rapper Drake. She says she enjoys his work the most when he sings. She’s taking this class for a G.E. requirement and because she used to be in an art class in high school. Jazmin is also a second year and she is majoring in psychology. Her favorite artist is Beyonce. Why? Because “she slays.”Jazmin is taking this class because she heard it was one of the easier, more interesting art classes needed to fulfill her G.E. requirement. Jazmin loves art but unfortunately isn’t gifted enough to be artistic (or so in her opinion).


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