Art Activity: Plaster

So this plaster activity was definitely a first for me. It was definitely a fun, quick project. Unfortunately, I didn’t have enough time to go to the beach so I had to settle for sand from Home Depot. And since there’s a Home Depot right next to my workplace, I decided to do the activity in the back of my work building. During the activity, I ran into a few hiccups. I attempted to measure the plaster and water mentally but it didn’t work out that well. I ended up not putting enough water because I didn’t want to over water it. I tried to watch a video to see how watery the plaster should be but it had hardened so quickly! That’s when my coworker Braulio came out to lend a hand. He helped me mix the two correctly and saved my project because I didn’t have enough for another screw up. I did two hands. One was my hand stretched out and the other was supposed to be the rock and roll sign. The second one didn’t come out too well… I’m still super happy with the finished products. This project was definitely one to remember and I hope I can preserve them for a long time. Also, my coworker came up with the title to this art: Stephanie y sus Manos. (That’s Spanish for Stephanie and her hands)


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