Wk 2 – Classmate Conversation – Timothy Chung

This week I had the lovely opportunity of meeting Tim. Tim is a fourth year and he is majoring in engineering. He has a special interest in holograms which I think is super cool. I wish we could’ve talked more about that. Maybe another time. Tim used to take art classes in high school and it used to be his hobby. He’s taking this class for his G.E. requirement and because he’s interested in it. When I asked him if he thought art was important in today’s world, he said it definitely was. He had two reasons: for business and for pleasure. Tim explained how art allows for good business and opens up job opportunities. He also described art as sometimes being necessary for some people. Some people look to art to express emotion and to de-stress. For some, art is the only thing that keeps them sane. I told him how I also thought it was important in today’s society because, like he said, it can help people. Art is a way of expression and some people can only do it in this way.  (Timothy does not have a website yet)


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