Wk2 – Art Activity – Landscapes with a Corpse

For this activity, I used my aunt’s sofa as my landscape. I would want to have a peaceful death. This sofa has been a part of my aunt’s many different homes and I have grown with it for 15 years. It always reminds me of childhood memories. I know dogs don’t live long lives, but I would want to die with/before my dog, Mocha. She is the first pet I took care of and she means everything to me. I had to include her in this project. This activity was fun to do because it was fun trying to be creative. I know my pictures aren’t the most creative but I was happy with them. I had some assistance from my girlfriend. She was originally supposed to be in the pictures with me because ideally, I would want to die with her by my side (excuse the cheesiness). Without a third person, we weren’t able to get a decent picture. I tried the camera timer but we couldn’t shoot at different angles. So I had to settle for just Mocha 😕

fail fail fail!


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