Wk 3 – Classmate Conversation – Amy Becerra

While walking around the art galleries this week, I met Amy Becerra. Amy is a freshman who is majoring in computer science. She’s from Pico Rivera and she says that it’s a 40 minute drive to Long Beach, if you take the streets (which she does everyday). I asked her why she was taking the class and she said she was to fulfill her G.E. requirement. She says she likes art but that sometimes she feels like she doesn’t know what the artist is trying to express in a piece of work. She says it just depends on how complex the piece is. When asked the question of the week, she said that music has had the most influence on where she is today. She listens to a lot of rock and metal, like Slipknot and The Ghost Inside. She said this type of music makes her feel stronger and that she has to wake up in the morning with some music playing. Amy said that she’s a really nervous person with a lot of anxiety and listening to this music helps to ease some of that anxiety and calm her. It’s funny because I’m someone who has a lot of anxiety as well but this music does the opposite of calm me! Amy was really nice and I’m glad I was able to have a classmate conversation with her.

Amy’s website: https://amybecerraart110.wordpress.com/



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