Wk 4 – Art Activity – Automatic Drawing

For this activity, I had the help of my girlfriend. We went to our local Starbucks to work on it. She’s the more artsy one in the relationship so she was pretty excited to lend an artistic hand. This was new to me and I wasn’t sure exactly what to do. She had done something like this before so she knew what to do. She explained how easy it was and I got it. It was actually a really fun project. I always start these projects intending to finish as quickly as possible but I always end up spending more time on it because it’s so fun. Unfortunately, the pastels in my art kit were an ugly combo: yellow, lime green, and black. Black was messy so we had to leave it out. Yellow and green are okay colors but it could’ve been better with other colors. We went over our markings two or three times. We wanted to color it more but with our two unappealing colors, we decided to leave some color out. This activity was so much fun and made for a really nice date! 😁


One thought on “Wk 4 – Art Activity – Automatic Drawing

  1. Nice work Stephanie! I like the way you guys held the pen with just one hand each in that sort of hands interlocked around the pen. I’ve always done it with all 4 hands. I think the 4 hands generates a nice sense of motion and feels very connected, but your 2 hands method seems like it might be looser and generate more free form drawing. With the 4 hands I usually draw very intense circle based pieces – the 2 hands might allow for a little more randomness.


    They have 48-pastel sets in the Art Store. What I asked them to do was break open sets and randomly give each student 3 sticks – so everyone would get a different set of colors. Instead they apparently got 100 sticks each of Yellow, Green & Black and gave the same to everyone! 😦

    Or actually I think half got Yellow-Green-Black and half got Yellow-Green-Brown. Oh well! What you did really worked out! 🙂

    I also asked them to get all 144 colors of Montana Gold spray paint and randomly give everyone 2 cans — I think they DID do that one, so when we try graffiti writing this week there will be lots of different colors.

    What colors did you get Stephanie?

    I hope you and your girlfriend can make it over to the Venice Art Walls this week! I know it’s far! But it’s a crazy, eclectic, wonderful place. And you’ll get to see all kinds of graffiti writing on the walls.

    Great work Stephanie! 😀

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