Wk 4 – Artist Conversation – May Ta

Artist: May Ta

Exhibition: Closer

Media: Mixed Media

Gallery: CSULB School of Art, Dennis W. Dutzi Gallery

Website: none

Instagram: maypta

About May: May Ta is a senior here at Long Beach. She transferred here from Fullerton College. She says she chose Long Beach to transfer to because it has a really strong art department. She’s also an international student from Vietnam and lives in Anaheim. Something interesting about her is that she comes from a family of scientists so she’s the first to be majoring in something other than science! She was originally going to major in engineering but ultimately switched. She says she chose to be an illustration major because she wants to use it as a medium to tell stories. May likes to use mixed media but for school projects she does painting and sculpting. 

Formal Analysis: The whole gallery room was set up to look like someone’s personal home/living quarters. On the walls were different paintings done by May and another colleague, Carly Lake.

The Windows, 2016

These paintings are made to look like the viewer is getting a glimpse into a person’s life. This was made using digital media and an ink jet printer. The facial expressions were different for every person. Dull colors were used for this series. 

These items were placed in the center of the gallery: a chair, a table, and an easel. The table had two framed pictures and scattered pictures on it. The easel had a blue watercolor hue. Behind these objects, was a mattress with a quilt over it. The quilt was composed of handwritten notes. These items were added to give off a more intimate setting. 

Content Analysis: May explained how they used the whole gallery to make it seem like someone’s living space. The purpose of this exhibition was to show how people are always craving intimacy but at the same time we are always alone. She said this project wasn’t to get comfortable with being alone, she always has been. To be comfortable with someone is to be comfortable with yourself. Once you’re content with being alone then you can be truly happy with someone else. May said that there was a difference between loneliness and being alone. 

My Experience: As soon as I walked into this exhibition, I was blown away. I was struck by the paintings. More specifically, I was drawn to May’s The Windows. The ambiguous characters and colors in the paintings were perfect and I could tell what the message of the exhibition was. As I stood behind the chair and easel, I felt like I had walked in on someone’s personal space. I would say that I am someone who is content with being alone. It’s taken time but I finally got there and it’s been nothing but the best. 


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