5 – Art Activity – Grafitti Writing

For this activity, I decided to go to the public art walls in Venice. I wanted to bring my girlfriend, but she was working, so I brought my younger sister, Michelle. I’m a frequent visitor of Venice Beach so I was super ecstatic to go. When we got there, I noticed all the different pieces of artwork and got a bit intimidated. How could I go over someone’s beautiful work with an amateur painting of my name? My sister and I figured that that’s how you’re supposed to do it, paint over other people’s work. 

This guy was there when I showed up and he helped us and a couple of other art 110 students. He told us about how he spray paints as well and how much he enjoys it. He was a really cool guy!

I have a really long name so I decided to paint something else. I’m a huge fan of Frank Ocean so I decided to put up a message: I ❤️ BLOND. Blond is the title of his newest album. Unfortunately, I don’t have any sort of creativity so what I had in mind definitely didn’t come out. 

It came out like a little boy’s attempt at it. I was still happy with it because it was a lot of fun. Sadly enough, about 10 minutes later, a couple had gone to paint over it 😢😢 

Thank you for the delicious iced tea! It was very refreshing and much needed for the sunny morning 😁

My sister and I! The dog is her artwork 


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