Wk 6 – Art Activity – Zine

I decided to do a zine instead of a flip book because I made one for a different class and I had a lot of fun with it. This zine was more personal and was meant to be a sort of open letter to some of my coworkers. As I am learning more from wonderful insightful cultural classes, I am becoming more aware. I’m becoming aware of all the comments and demeaning behavior of others. I’m too aware and it’s impossible to unsee. I hear hundreds of microaggressions everyday from my coworkers towards me because I’m a girl. I see the way the men gather and gawk as a pretty girl walks into the store. I hear the way someone spits hate towards Black people because someone who was Black didn’t tip him once. Jane Weibel’s exhibition last week actually gave me the sort of idea on what to make this zine about! I was really close to one of my coworkers and I saw him as a best friend even. It was only then after his fifth fucked up thing that I realized I was friends with someone who rejected all of my identities. He told me how he didn’t think gay couples should be able to adopt kids because they could force their “gay ways,” whatever that fucking means, how anyone who does drugs is stupid, a girl is at fault if she’s raped, and countless other ridiculous things. I’ve had enough and this zine was a way for me to release. I can only have so much patience at work. 


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