Wk 8- Art Activity – Sketching in the Garden

I was excited for this week’s activity because this was my first time going to the Japanese Gardens. It was much prettier in person compared to all the photos I had seen of it. It was so green and peaceful!! The first thing I did was feed the koi fish. I never knew how fun feeding koi fish could be. I’m not really a drawer so I was kind of dreadful of the sketching part. This went away as soon as I entered the garden. The garden brought me a sense of tranquility and I was able to sketch without feeling too bad about my results.  I hadn’t drawn or sketched anything in the longest time. My 30 second sketches were amusing  to me and I had fun trying to subconsciously perfect my sketch in the short amount of time I had. The blind contour drawings were the hardest for me. I can’t not look at my paper when I’m trying to draw something. My hand came out the best out of the two. There were a lot of trees and scenes that I wanted to sketch. Overall, this activity was pretty nice to end my school day. After this activity, I’m fascinated even more by the artistic skills people possess. 


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