Wk 9- Art Activity – Art Care Package

For this activity, I decided to send my best friend, Vanesa, the art care package. I decided to send it to her because I miss her and I don’t see her as often anymore. I think she’s such a great person and it makes me so happy that she sees me as a best friend as well even though we might not talk everyday. She told me once how she felt like she didn’t know me because I never talked about personal things; we had a funny friendship where we seemed to talk about everything but personal things. So, in the box I included a poem about my feelings towards the friendship and how much it meant to me, a picture of myself from the second grade, a couple notes we passed to each back in high school, concert tickets, and a drawing of us. Making this package brought back a lot of memories and it was nice. It made me want to reach out to all the friends I don’t talk to as much. This activity also made me sad because I remembered how things were nicer before entering the “adult life.” This was an overall bittersweet experience. I hope Vanesa likes it. I think ephemera is so precious. I didn’t know there was a word for it but I’ve always loved it. I love knowing that in 10 years, I can open a box and see concert tickets only to remember and relive the moment. I wish I had more ephemera but I’m starting to collect and save more things.


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