Wk 10 – Art Activity – Fiber Art Social Network

When I think of the term “social network” I think to online and mobile tools that connect me to people in cyberspace. The term reminds me of the Facebook movie The Social Network so that’s probably why I connect the term to online things. I think Dunbar’s Number makes sense. I think 150 is actually a small number if we’re supposed to consider casual friends. People are unique and interesting and I would hope that I could form meaningful relationships with more than 150. To have 1,000 or 5,000 Facebook friends means something different for everyone. On my Facebook, I have 199 friends. I’m only friends with people I have met and known for a period of time/respect. However, some of my friends will accept all the friend requests they receive even if they don’t know who they are. To each their own! When we visualized out Art 110 Social Network, I couldn’t really be surprised. There was too much going on. I thought it was really interesting though how we could see all the relationships connected in different ways. My personal number would be 1,000. I love forming important relationships with people and getting to know different people. It’s always nice to meet wonderful people. I do have more “friends on other sites such as Twitter and Instagram. With social media sites now a days, you can be friends with pretty much anyone and it won’t be questioned. Social media sites allow for communication without face to face interaction, sometimes being convenient. These “weak ties” have brought me new resources. I have found out about events and even cheap concert tickets. This activity was fun because it brought to life the relationships I had with different people. It was something new for me. In my drawing of my social network, I did it about my coworkers. The black ink means significant relationships. The black broken lines mean broken significant relationships. The pencil line means weak ties/casual relationship.


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