Wk 14- Art Activity- Instagram

I thought this Instagram activity was really cool. I got to see pictures that other people thought were “instagram-worthy” and it was almost like a way of getting to know people. I noticed that a lot of people really love their pets and love posting about them. I also noticed people posted pictures of scenery and different views. I wasn’t really surprised with anything posted. I was surprised that a lot of people seemed to have a problem with un-privatizing their instagram. For my pictures, I took them all at school. My first pic was a selfie because I was really feeling myself that and I happened to find a full length mirror, yay! My second pic was one of some trees on the Friendship Walk. I think the Friendship Walk is so pretty and I had always wondered how it would look in a photograph. My third picture is of an assignment in my criminal justice class. Writing case briefs is not fun. My fourth photo was a collage of different things I liked in the FA-4 building.


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